Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Name is Sky and I'm Not a ...

A few days ago a co-worker suggested a DVD to watch to me.  I think she said it was good, but a little sad.  I took it home because it looked like a love story and looked like it had an Indian character in it (love that!).  I begin to watch the movie with my partner and begin to bawl.  A little sad?  Understatement.  Half-way into the movie I realize that I will be late to my doctor's appointment and who wants to keep the doctor waiting?  Note: the movie is two hours long.  Two hours of bawling folks, but I digress.    I go to my doctor appointment where my body parts are smooshed, repositioned, twisted blah blah blah- a lil' ouch. 

On my way home, I realize TOILET PAPER... you can't procrastinate that.  Off to our "favorite" local Publix... and I end up with about 15 items in my cart.  I head towards the cashier line at the same pace a slightly older, blonde lady is heading towards the same line.  For some reason I slow down assuming she's let me go in front of her anyways because she has like 75 things in her cart and well, I only have 15.  Wrong and that gives me a little less faith in the human race (perhaps it was leftover memories from South Florida traffic and parking lot kindness).  I head home with a few deep breathe exhales, just let it go... the negative energy in my life is not worth this lady's shopping kindness.  Lately these events and others have set my expectations to assume people will rush inside and outside of an elvator... people will not hold doors open... people will not say please and thank you and the like.  I am surprised when valor, kindness and charity are shown- shouldn't it be common place? 

Back to home to finish the movie and I continue my bawl-fest.  I know it is a movie and fictionalized, but this movie, this DVD, this heart wrenching story renewed my faith in the human race.  I'm not easily moved.  I am Peter; I'm a rock.  Yet, this beautiful and possibly almost could really be true movie shifted my perspective.  Thank you to the creators of "My Name Is Khan" and now everyone should go forth to watch said movie.  Take notes, come back and let's discuss.


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