Sunday, March 25, 2012


The world can be a turbulent place.  Lives change in a moment.  The choice to wear a hoodie... an airplane trip or a decision to try something new, a different path.  Some of these hold more risks than the others.  Perhaps sometimes it is not the risk filled moments of vast unknown that excite a person to action, but those chocked full of hopeful potential.

For those who know me well, they would characterize me as steadfast (minus my hairstyles- thankfully my hair grows quickly).  I like stability, except I am willing to try new things for the greater good and sometimes just to say I did.  I  occasionally like to go to new places, but am loyal to those I love.  I grew up as an Army brat so staying in one place for a really long time (more than 3 years) is somewhat foreign to me.  However, in middle school until I graduated with my undergraduate degree I resided in the KY/TN border- about 10 years, lifetime record high until I moved to South Florida.  I've lived in this paradise since 1998.  LOVE IT (except for traffic, but there are always audiobooks).  I've been loyal to my current employer since 2004.  I've had the opportunity to do many different things that were sometimes challenging, sometimes fun or some that just bulked up the experience meter.  I'm thankful for it all, even the not so pleasant moments.  One of two best parts were the people I worked with who went far beyond what was ever required of them, true examples of excellent service to the communities they served and the second, the people within those communities.

It's time to try a new place and perhaps try something new... learn something new.  I applied for admission into a doctorate program for Clinical Psychology and was recently accepted.  In approximately 4-7 years from now, I will be Dr. King.  Now that is kinda cool.

Speaking of kinda cool, I watched the Hunger Games movie.  Coolness factor is the fact that they kept true to the book.  The actress that played Katniss and Gale were as I imagined from the book, but Peeta... just a little strange boy at the beginning. Peeta later grew into young man I imagined from the book, thankfully.  I wanted a little more from the scene where Rue died though.  The scene where Katniss volunteers at the Reaping instead of Prim was spot on and as if on cue, I cried- but not for Rue which should have been one of the saddest of the film.  However as is nearly always is the case, the book was better than the movie.  Speaking of books, J. K. Rowling is supposed to be writing a new book for Adults- not Harry Potter themed.  If you loved HP, will you read her new book when it comes out?  What do you think it will be about?


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