Wednesday, June 13, 2012


With a new job and career comes a sharp learning curve. Luckily, my past hobbies built a good foundation for skills that are necessary for my new job. I'm an instructional designer for FIU Online... and like with any employee, the views expressed and materials presented represent the personal views of myself and do not represent the opinion of the FIU and FIU Online.  Well, I'm glad I got that out of the way, LOL.  

Recently, I've immersed myself in the world of higher education, instructional design and e-learning.  I've added higher learning and instructional designer blogs to my Google Reader as well as connecting with totally strangers on Twitter.  I've brushed up on Photoshop with training through the University's self-paced online training through Atomic Learning (hmmm, how did my daughter get to France in that picture!). 

I've looked at a couple of classes through iTunesU which I would consider passive learning.  You are just watching videos but now I know how to make an egg over easy!  I've started a course through Udacity which looks like it was created in Captivate.  I've gotten through Unit 1 and feel challenged.  I like being able to see problems worked out in case I just don't get the concept and I love that I can watch it again and again until I do.  Of course there is a discussion board for interaction.  I've looked a few more MOOCs through Coursera.  I'm still stuck on the value of taking these classes beyond personal knowledge and increased skills.  I've not seen examples of resumes or CVs noting the participation of these classes.  Some classes issues badges and in some cases you can get credit for classes through enrolling in your institution as independent study.  What do you think the value of free online classes by "big" universities offer to individuals- and what do the professors or universities get by offering these classes?

I've spent time doing "water cooler" team/staff bonding.  My office is nearly set up (just missing a tall bookcase and maybe a lamp that provides more light than my beautiful salt lamp yet less light than the harsh overheads).  Eventually I'll get assigned professors and then I'll need a wall calendar.  It's all coming together. In addition, I was just accepted to Florida State University's Master of Instructional Systems.  I'm happier than a clam, happier than a pig in mud and happier than a june bug on a tomato plant.

So what now?  I feel like I have a bright future in front of me.  I'm lucky, blessed really.  and Thankful!


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