Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Friendly space

Green army man FOUND @library.
Growing up an Army brat affected my life in many ways.  I got used to moving every 3-4 years, making new friends.  To me, moving became a new start and sometimes a personal makeover.  I did not love packing nor did I love unpacking items to find broken things.  However, I did love a new space to fill up with my own things.  Rarely would things go back in the same place that they were in my old abode.  With the new move, I moved on from my old life.  Make new friends (but like the Girl Scout song, I forgot to keep the old).  My friends from the last place I lived were part of my old life.  Once I kept in contact with a girl from France that I met at one of the DOD schools, Maylis, but after awhile we lost contact.  It was exciting to get airmail from France while it lasted and great hearing about her new life.  My new life was so fulfilling that it seemed I didn't need to remain in contact with older friends.  Here's the thing, I'm a likable person.  People really like me (a gold star for that TV reference) so I have a lot of friends.  If I kept in touch with all of them, I do not think there are enough hours in the day and would I have time/room for new friends?

[Facebook connected me to a lot of friends that I hardly or never talked to in high school.  I'm still wondering why they are following me to this day!  I'm thankful that I was able to reconnect with my two best friends from high school though.  With that said, I also enjoy getting to know those people I didn't talk to in high school or college.]

With the new job change, I have a room to fill with my business things- my office, which currently I do not share with anyone.  Did I even mention that I have a name plate outside my door to look at in case I've forgotten my name?  They think of everything here! I've gotten to make new friends (who I do work only things with).  This past week, I went to a surprise birthday party with friends that I met through my old job (who I do non-work things with).  Outside of work, we often talked about work- mostly venting, relating... etc.  Since I've moved on from my last job, I don't have misery, politics or drama in my current job which is SUPER nice.  There's not much to relate about my current job except how cool it is and how much I love it.  (We're going on a two day "strategic meeting" retreat in the Keys last this month- how awesome!) I'm terrible at small talk, especially at parties which is one reason why I love to take pictures at parties.  At this party I did however learn that Adele is pregnant told by a friend who brought up the topic because we weren't talking about anything else.  I'd hate to lose my old friends and I doubt I will because I will attempt to make efforts not to do so.  I secretly love hearing the gossip about my old job but I can understand what my partner was saying when she first hung out with my friends- all we talk about is work. LOL  Perhaps I need to be less boring- is this the reason why I only have one blog follower?

Okay blog follower... share with me how you keep in touch with old friends...


  1. Without Facebook many of us would lose touch with friends from our past. It is nice, kind of a do-over. Look forward to reading your posts. :)


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