Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bad Turns Good

Yesterday a gaggle of instructional designer folks went to Starbucks.  For some of us, it was the first coffee of the day and others our second.  The line was semi-long, almost to the door.  We snake through the line placing our orders- mine, a hot med. salted caramel macchiato.  I pay.  I wait and wait and wait.  I think I see them making my drink.  They call the order (not the name) and some sour faced woman with long curly hair took the drink.  Guess it wasn't my drink.  Then an ICED salted caramel macchiato comes up for Arianna.  No Arianna.  We're looking around for someone who looks like they are waiting on their drink.  I joke I'm going to steal it if she doesn't show up soon.  After I asked the young lady who originally took my order what's up with my drink, she realized what happened (Arianna stole my drink).  Guess what? I got her drink and mine as well.  Too bad sour faced Arianna ended up with the wrong order, but for real... don't steal someone's cafe in the morning.  Karma. 


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