Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Green House Organic Food Restaurant

About a month before it opened, we saw signs in our community for Green House Organic Food Restaurant and were excited for an organic place near us (other than the vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin).  We signed up on their Facebook account and got invited to the opening night event (which we eventually missed).  I even checked out their website- which was not complete 1 week before the grand opening.  I believed that the restaurant would be like a nice cafe- so wrong.  It was a full-fledged somewhat upscale restaurant. 

We went the day after the grand opening event to Green House.  They require you to park valet- even if you park by yourself, they will take your keys from you and re-park your vehicle.  Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by several good looking staff underneath a massive chandelier (so much for my cafe, we'll spend like $40 vibe).  They have a large dining room area, well decorated with many TV screens throughout the restaurant playing images of endangered animals (or perhaps something like it).  Some of the TV screens showed your chefs hard at work.

The waiter was super nice and our menus were accessible through iPads.  Very techy, very cool.  We asked about adult beverages.  Did they have watermelon mojitos- why yes they did!  Awesome, but was the mojitos flavored using flavored alcohol or did it have actual watermelon in it.  SCORE!  Real watermelon muddled into a fabulous drink for the South Beach price of $15 a pop for a medium thin glass.  We each had two adult beverages.   Without ordering any food, we already overspent my estimate of $40- by $20.  Bonus, we got a small taste of canapes from the Chef.  Nice, but I was more interested in the flavored butter and selection of bread.  Yum, not your average selection of bread.

I ordered something- I believe it was a soup.  Unmemorable in the scheme of things.  My partner ordered an ostrich filet, medium rare.  Now I love when I can go to a restaurant and order something I have never eaten before.  The ostrich was good, slightly more gamey and less tender than Filet Mignon.  We get to talking to our waiter who continues to be amazing.  In fact when I had a question about the menu, he brought out the Chef Marcelo who accommodated my culinary wishes.  Later when we talked about names, I learned there was an Elvis on staff and said I had to meet him.  Not only did I meet him and one of the female chefs, I got a tour of the kitchen where I got the opportunity to thank all the staff for a lovely dinner.

We stayed for dessert because the meal was going so lovely and the desserts looked amazing.  The desserts were amazing, like out of this world amazing to-die-for chocolaty goodness.  Every plate including the dessert had great presentation as well.  On one side is a white piano at which sometime during the dinner, someone came out to play.  The piano was amplified and had a high pitch squealing sound that they could not resolve.  Until we left, they stopped playing the piano.  There were 1-2 other couples in the restaurant with us.  Our waiter also promoted their upcoming Brunches on Sundays and also gave us a few coupons for 10 or 15% off before a certain date (which we never used and have expired).

Before I left, I took a visit to the bathrooms which were well done.  I love fancy sinks. 

We paid the bill and with tip, we're talking $160 more than I had estimated us to spend (before tipping valet).  A day later my partner who picked up the tab noticed they rang up the bill 3-4 times on her card.  She calls the restaurant who blames their vendor and it will take 3 days to clear up.  My partner's bank had to take action 4 days later after the vendor handled it.  Huge fail on the bank's part for letting it go through in the first place and another huge fail on the restaurant and their vendor.

Good food, good food service, crappy billing, mediocre location, but amazing atmosphere leaves a lukewarm review from me to you.  Go, don't go... but if you do go- just pay in cash and expect to bring a lot of it.


  1. Not sure if it was location, location, location... South Beach drink prices or bad service in the form of bank transactions but the Green House is now closed and is available for lease!


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