Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Poor lonely meatball?

Did you know that November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)?  Are you participating?  I did a few years ago, but am skipping this year because I'm writing enough in Grad School.  They say that life is stranger than fiction.  I am totally in agreement.

On a college campus, there are often opportunities for giveaways and free food.  Guess who forgot her lunch today?  A gaggle of instructional designers, myself included, headed towards the promise of free food so we could "give thanks."  Basically the university provides entertainment with athletes, marching band, cheerleaders, the mascot and photo ops with the President (of the University) in exchange for students and staff writing thank you letters to donors.  Very smart and a nice touch, say I. 

On the way back to our duties, we stopped off at a meatball tasting?  Really, I don't make this up.  It gets more interesting.  There is a mascot roaming around, aka poor lonely meatball.  It seems that college kids and others are eating so healthy that they have to promote meatballs instead of healthy, heart happy salads.  The inclusion of Coke products in the form of 2 liters on a Pepsi-only campus was a particularly big score.  Funny how they did a meat tasting on the day they have the farmer's market.  Aha!  It's meat vs. veggies- who will win?  There is also a viral meatball video campaign with a $500 prize.  I imagine lots of "big meatballs", "i lost my poor meatball, it rolled off the table..." and "let's have a ball..." cliches rolling around.

What I love the most about the strange day today, is that it isn't.  This is normal.  This is college and college campus are so full of life and diversity.


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