Tuesday, July 30, 2013

#BbWorld Day 1 Review

+Blackboard Inc. 's #BbWorld13 Day 1 Recap Video

A shout out to all the new VIP or non-VIP bloggers and to all the new #BbWorld attendees like myself.  Did I have any idea what would be in store for me?  Not a chance.

My journey started months ago when I entered a contest that I didn't think I'd win and did actually win.  I was chosen to be a VIP #BbWorld blogger.  So excited, especially since I've never been to Las Vegas before either.

Fast Forward to Vegas and I have my VIP blogger packet.  I try to enter the exhibit hall to "help" a friend (@MattAcevedo) set up his poster session.  Your VIP blogger pass does not unlock all doors- I was not allowed to enter the exhibit hall unless I stood on my head reciting the alphabet backwards, AND had an orange wristband.  No worries.

Soon after the reality of my VIP Blogger  badge was shown to me, John Chen (the happiest man ever?) told me about GooseChase and the #BbWorld13 Scavenger Hunt.  At first I wasn't going to enter, then I changed my mind when I saw how easy the initial missions were.  Participating in the Scavenger Hunt does help you see a large portion of what's available at the conference (the picture above was taken to "introduce myself"- score 10 points!) I did give up within 1 hour of the exhibit hall being open that night when one player had over 5k points and I was somewhere near 300.

The information above was written while at #BbWorld13 with the best intention that at the end of the day, I'd have a great recap.  Never got around to that, whether it was Vegas, those deep bathtubs with TVs in view or awesomeness-exhaustion, we'll never know.  I was even going to do a compilation of #bbworld13 tweets, organizing them.  Storify is a great way to do that, btw. What I remember about Day 1 is Clay Shirky's keynote, talking about LOL chickens (who knew there was such a thing) and getting my picture taken with him.  Did you know that people think he looks like Tom Hanks, with less hair of course?

I also met some super great  blogger folks (I'd be crazy to try and name them all for missing one would sadden me, but I did spend a lot of time with +Shayla Burroughs .  I would so do this blogger gig again.  It was awesome.  I think it made fitting in, finding my place in this HUGE conference easier.  I got to really connect with a few people, which if I wasn't a blogger the opportunities might have slipped through the sidewalk cracks.  I'm so happy that +Josh Murdock  blogged about being fitted for his Google Glass on his website and +Melissa Stange allowed me to check out her Glass.  I love tech so it was a little like Christmas in July!  Of course there was lots of tech at the conference, especially in the Exhibit Hall. I refrained from picking up most swag because I'm trying to live simpler, but swag was available with product demonstrations galore.

Day before the conference, I learned to: arrive early, pack a change of clothes in your carry-on and stay hydrated.  First day of the conference I learned that even though I love my purple wig and it definitely made me easier to approach/more friendly, it sho' is hot.  Can't imagine wearing it every day, all day.  It only lasted 2 days of the conference, unlike my excitement for #BbWorld which is still beating along like an Energizer bunny.


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