Monday, July 8, 2013

Maniac Monday (Wish it was Sunday?)

I'm coming to you ahem- live from the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada- one day before the most exciting #BbWorld13 conference begins- where technology and education collide in 4th of July fireworks-style.  Attendees have been trickling in all weekend, either to get a few more days in Vegas, baby! or attend pre-conference summits/#DevCon13.  Not all roads were paved smoothly.  @certtechpro (Melissa's) luggage was lost. +Shayla Burroughs (@shaylamsb) flight was delayed [and Shayla's luggage is MIA- missing in action, but maybe also in Miami [revised to include the delayed @kellymedu (Kelly) and delayed @bhgd13 (Bill H.).  And well, I almost missed my flight because I was wearing new shorts with shallow pockets and in my pocket was my phone with ID & ATM/CC.  Said items fell out of my pocket in the car and only because the kindness of strangers (and not-so-strangers... Thanks @mattacevedo!), the fact that I was super early and the fact that I have an amazing partner who returned to the airport after dropping me off to return said very important items to me, did I actually make the flight.

Fast forward to an excellent uneventful flight via +American Airlines (thank you!) , a not-so-short stint of waiting for Godot
on the shuttle bus to the hotel(s)... I arrived dehydrated with a slow growing headache.  $6 for a bottle of powerade in the room and I didn't even blink as I downed that sucker. This was at 9am Vegas time.  After enjoying a lovely latte from Tintoretto Bakery when I finally ventured outside to go to Walgreens, I walked out into an oven.  I am used to heat.  Not complaining, just stating.  Miami is a sauna and Vegas is an oven.  Headache is retreating- have to prepare for celebratory "we (eventually) made it to Vegas" drinks.  For reference, Walgreens has a good selection of decently priced beer, wine and hard alcohol (that section is as big as or bigger than the healthcare section).

On a different note, the Venetian/Palazzo app doesn't have a "you are here" feature but when you can use the search function and it will give you directions from a point that you select to your destination.  Not as good as you are here, but well enough.  On another note, if you are not here... you should be.  If you can't though... me and my fellow #BbWorld13 bloggers will give you a glimpse into the awesomeness that is happening here.  Follow us here in the twitterverse!

I haven't seen one Elvis yet!  However, if you see the Chaos Monkey... let me know, @UXMoose wants to buy it a drink.  You can reach me via my telephone in my toilet closet/bathroom or at @skyvking (aka purple-wig wearing turtle lover).

Welcome to Vegas, baby!


  1. Lessons from today:
    1) Show up early
    2) Pack a change of clothes in carry-on
    3) Keep hydrated


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