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I ordered Myer Lemon trees and a year later realized that I was watering a Persian Lime tree- so much for making lemonade.

South Florida Beauty

Residents of South Florida are blessed with scenes like this one almost daily- I captured this training for one of my 1/2 marathons.

Reflective Self-Portrait

A quick self-portrait while photographing every day objects in a local North Miami Beach park. I love our local parks.

Fins Up!

Whether it's the marine life or American football, I love Miami's Dolphins. Go Fins!

Cool Water, Good Books and Fresh Air

One could argue that all is needed for a good life is warm sun near cool water in the fresh air with good book and perhaps some good company.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So, Meta!

Hello to my fabulous 5 blog followers!

Today I'm going to get so META it will make your teeth hurt.  For some of those in the know, I'm enrolled in a graduate certificate program in Online Instructional Development at Florida State University.  Currently am taking a course in Social Media Management.  No, we're not going to be on Facebook & Twitter ALL day- just on Mondays (j/king)!  Cut to the chase, first assignment:  propose a blog for the Final Project [insert impending doom music here].  Ain't that just meta?  A blog about writing a blog about...

My proposal is to create a blog using WordPress for my FSU LIS5385 Final Project about "ed-tech," ie using technology to complement educational endeavors.  I did some personal network crowdsourcing on what I should write about from my Facebook community and besides for "sleep", the topic that lept out at me was ed tech.  It is broad enough to encompass by passion for technology, learning and games. When creating my public Twitter list, I pondered what to call the list- maybe "ed tech folks" or plainly just "ed tech".  I wanted to encompass the being of all things ed tech so went with edtechness and that sounded a lot like contessa.  I'm (Sky) King, so why not be the edtechnessa?  It's a stretch, but gimmicky and fun.  I'm thinking steampunk meets royalty as far as theme images.

I then created a Delicious account (another part of the assignment) and added a few examples of ed tech blogs/websites of interest.  This article suggested the top ed tech blogs in the field so I started my journey from there.  The blog that would be most like my blog is Technology Tidbits, as it addresses different apps/programs used for learning.  However, I wasn't too keen on it's basic design that looked like it was just a display of advertisements.  Although, I did appreciate the consistency in the layout and the brief posts. Rather, I preferred the design layout established within's EdTech which appeared much cleaner and defined.

  • My objective besides having a deliverable for my Online Instructional Development portfolio and fulfilling the requirements of the LIS5385 course is to: examine and describe the potential use of technology in learning.
  • My key message is that technology can complement learning and that through examination one can determine the best tool "for the job" or objective at hand.
  • The target audience of this proposed blog is primarily educators- teachers and parents with a secondary audience of students. I'd prefer to keep the blog of general interest and not limit it to K-12 or Higher Education- we all can use tools to help us learn better.
  • Per the Edublog awards, the best edtech blog during 2012 (timeliness and relevancy are always important) is Free Technology for Teachers.  I couldn't help myself from taking the Google Maps corn tour.  Neat stuff.  Check it out!
  • What am I going to blog about?  Good question.  I could leave you hanging here until the first blog, but well I have to tell you because of the Final Project Proposal commands it of me.  I'll write about Carmen Santiago and simulation games, exploring that depending on your objectives and audience not all games are the same.  I'll write about the perspective of being a parent of a high school student- who two years ago received a macbook for my daughter's schoolwork while this semester received a USB lanyard and a Lenovo Thinkpad tablet running Windows 8 (at the New Student Orientation they beamed about not needing Dropbox to take advantage of a paperless classroom).  I'll write about the use of game elements in the courses I design as an instructional designer.  As well, I'll examine trends and pedagogy of technology use in classroom and learning environments, the newest, best and not-so-best.
Hopefully you'll join me for this blogging journey.  I'll be posting my first blog soon!  Thanks for reading.

Sky V. King,
the EdTechnessa

[revision 9/3: I have decided to filter my ed-tech posts down to include solely gamification and game element topics for this assignment.  My blog will be located at]