Thursday, May 1, 2014

Winna, Winna- Chicken Dinna: Win #BBWorld14 hotel stay!

It's that time of year again on campus.  Graduation, caps, gowns and parking hassles as family and friends join their graduates on their very special day. I love graduation.  Vibes of joy and graduates rolling down the road to further success.  LOVE IT!  Know what else I love, #BBWorld.  

Doh! Of course time slipped by me and I didn't submit the seedling of an idea that I had for an awesome conference presentation.  No presenter's discount for me.  However, if you want to save your organization or yourself a buck or two or four- enter to win a free hotel stay courtesy of our favorite LMS.  Check out this link to win, win, win!  That's what you do in Vegas afterall... WIN!


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