Thursday, July 10, 2014

Biggest Loser!

For the past six weeks, several coworkers and I have been competing in a department-wide weight loss competition, ie Biggest Loser.  We did the same thing last year around this time.  I just figured out why it ends tomorrow (and ended around the same time last year... #BbWorld14, Blackboard's annual conference, is next week!  I hope tomorrow I am the biggest loser so I'll get it "out of my system- and won't be the biggest loser at the casinos next week!

Today I came across a really interesting Facebook profile, which was liked by one of my Californian cousins who is a personal trainer.  The profile is "A Long Way From Home: Cycling Across America for Homelessness."  I hate to tell them that the title of their profile should be "cycling across America to END homelessness."  In essence these two dudes from Monterey, California hopped a train to Portland, Oregon where they started biking from Portland onwards to New York.  They are taking pictures and posting them along the way.  Did I mention that you should really check out their profile and their website?  I learned today that one of the bike shops in the Billings, Montana has beer on tap.  The beer they hold up in one of their pictures?  Grand Teton Brewing Company- Yellowstone's Finest Pale Golden.  Guess who is going to Yellowstone on Monday?  Me!  Guess who is going to try and find some Grand Teton Brewing Company Pale Golden?  Me!

Speaking of Vegas and #BbWorld, I am going again this year and will be blogging away all week especially on Twitter: @skyvking. Last year I had high goals of summarizing all the tweets from the day into an awesome blog post.  I only made a Day #1 post last year and blogged like crazy on Twitter.  It was my first time at #BbWorld and awesomely overwhelming.  I'm very lucky to be able to go back again this year!  There are some fabulous and interesting keynote speakers that will be sharing their thoughts next week: Joi Ito, Geoffrey Canada, and of course rallying from Blackboard President Jay Bhatt.  There are other featured speakers as well that will bring a very diverse perspective: Jeffrey Selingo, Bob Wise, Paul Taylor, Angel Sanchez, and Besty Corcoran.  This is on top of all the amazing professionals active in the field sharing their knowledge through presentations, like FIU Online's Biz Ferris.  I'll be cheering FIU Online's Matt Acevedo on as well- he's a new Blackboard MVP!  You can check out Matt's blog, if you are so inclined. I'm lucky to work with so many amazingly talented- and award winning staff members.  My good friend Kathleen Bulger won an Exemplary Course Award.  It's like Christmas in July- all these good, warm fuzzy feelings.

So Blackboardians, keep visiting here and Twitter often (search: #bbworld14) for all the good stuff.  If you are going to the conference don't forget to download the #BbWorld14 app

There's a lot more you shouldn't forget if you are traveling to Vegas- but I'm sure you've got a list or some other awesome method to your madness.  When you are traveling, how do you keep organized when packing to make sure you don't forget anything?  Did you know last year I went to the airport without my phone (which also has my ID)! 


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