Persian Lime

I ordered Myer Lemon trees and a year later realized that I was watering a Persian Lime tree- so much for making lemonade.

South Florida Beauty

Residents of South Florida are blessed with scenes like this one almost daily- I captured this training for one of my 1/2 marathons.

Reflective Self-Portrait

A quick self-portrait while photographing every day objects in a local North Miami Beach park. I love our local parks.

Fins Up!

Whether it's the marine life or American football, I love Miami's Dolphins. Go Fins!

Cool Water, Good Books and Fresh Air

One could argue that all is needed for a good life is warm sun near cool water in the fresh air with good book and perhaps some good company.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Presentations & Gamification, etc...

Presenting... Gamification

It has been a spell!  Almost fully recovered from my ankle reconstruction and have been working on several gamification projects for work.  I presented two webinars, am creating a robust self-paced course for faculty, and just finished co-presenting at our annual conference ( #FIUOLCON15 ).

I also submitted a proposal to present at #BBworld15, but awaiting to hear back.  Hope to know soon. I used to live near Washington DC and it is one of my favorite places.  Fingers crossed that I will be able to attend the conference and present.  Going the last two years has really stepped up my game as an instructional designer to see what is possible and push my personal bar a little bit further.  Plus networking with other professionals outside of my institution is always beneficial- our way is not always the best way.  Usually conference breakfasts were great ways to connect with others and learn what is going on outside my cocoon.  Again, fingers crossed.

Of course this is on top of the normal
conclusion of Spring courses, preparing Summer courses, and assisting two professors earn Quality Matters certification for their fully online courses. Really excited about one of the courses I worked on: "Sports Marketing and Sponsorships," which integrated social media into the course design and included interviews with sports marketing professionals.  The professor was a natural "Montel" with his guests. The jumbotron is the image for his welcome video.

Personal Notes

Racked up an "A" in Physiology and moving along this summer with Physics & Lab.  Definitely on track to apply for FIU's Doctorate of Physical Therapy program before January 2016.  Working on getting healthier and have walked over 90 miles this year.  Lost 30 pounds in the interim.  My "2015 Miles in 2015 Challenge" team and I are now at over 1350 miles for the year.  We will most likely be done with the challenge before Fall.  Great group of women who are very inspiring and supportive of my slow crawl.

And now... back to making the doughnuts.