Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Whoa! What's the 411?

Letter from Ensign JR McEveny, 4/27/1944

Life can be a roller coaster. Lots of stuff on my mind. Getting ready to take the GRE (again) to improve my score. I can start my Doctorate of Physical Therapy application as of last week. Must do 60+ hours of observation before I finish my application before Jan. 15th 2017. And all of this, I still might not get into FIU's DPT school. I can say I tried.

Had a bad sinus infection earlier this summer and am just now feeling better five weeks later. So basically took a "slacker" vacation with a whole lot of doing nothing, except feel better and take it easy. Sometimes you need that. Trying to find my awesome mojo to go do amazing and great things, but I'm scared of failing. It is especially hard when you've always had it easy at being good at most stuff.

Well, I've not been completely slacking. I started a new blog (because I don't have enough as it is): Gut Busting Good. I'm a foodie and I love taking pictures of amazing looking food. So trying to feed my passion for doing that and sharing it with others. My friends are playing along and even remind me to take pictures when I am too hungry remember on my own. I have great friends. :-) Who are amazing and supportive... I'm thankful.

During the last year I've been adopting a more minimalist lifestyle, clearing out clutter and embracing things that spark joy. A little from The Minimalist and Marie Kondo. My father collected stuff, lots of stuff during his life. He attained Air Mail from World War II, correspondence between Ensign John R. McEveny and his family in Omaha Nebraska. I want to read these and capture the story before I get rid of them. I'll be sharing them here for anyone who is interested, hopefully in chronological order.

After I get back from Vegas for BBworld16, I will start documenting and transcribing these. Should be fun. Hope you enjoy them.


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