Persian Lime

I ordered Myer Lemon trees and a year later realized that I was watering a Persian Lime tree- so much for making lemonade.

South Florida Beauty

Residents of South Florida are blessed with scenes like this one almost daily- I captured this training for one of my 1/2 marathons.

Reflective Self-Portrait

A quick self-portrait while photographing every day objects in a local North Miami Beach park. I love our local parks.

Fins Up!

Whether it's the marine life or American football, I love Miami's Dolphins. Go Fins!

Cool Water, Good Books and Fresh Air

One could argue that all is needed for a good life is warm sun near cool water in the fresh air with good book and perhaps some good company.

Friday, April 7, 2017

5/7/1944 -- This is Sunday night...

Dear Mother, Dad, and Walt:

This is Sunday night. I have been on watch all day and will be on until about 11:00 O'clock tonight. I have been on armed guard duty up until three o'clock; otherwise the day has been rather uneventful. Well the time that has passed since I wrote my last latter has been very much the same as other such times.  Many routine entertainments and special events have passed again in my wild orgy of seeing and doing New York.


The routine entertainment has consisted of seeing movie pictures and stage shows and eating at different restaurants with foreign atmospheres etc.

Former St. Anthony Club, New York
Former St. Anthony Club, New York
Public Domain,
One evening I was invited to Schyler Van Vechten's [this might be the Schuyler Van Vechten that is referenced in letter] residence for dinner. He lives at 125 Park Avenue around 80th street. Is this exclusive!!! You should be paying the rent!!!!! It is an apartment on two floors consisting of about eight rooms three bathrooms, and servants quarters. I am paying $35.00 per week for a double sized closet in the Village. Now you can guess what they are paying on Park Ave. Any way we ate from real plates with real silverware but still the meal wasn't as good as my Mommys. I think Schlyer likes me--he is the song of the old boy with all the dough even though young Schyler seems to be making quite a bit for himself. Anyway he has invited me to their New Jersey home for the week-end sometime where we can go sailing in his private sail boat etc. At the end of the evening Schyler and Ray Rebhan invited me and some English officers to dinner again at the St. Anthony Club. So about three evenings later I dined with them again at the St. Anthony Club. This is the real McCoy folks--the St. Anthony Club is very exclusive and it takes more money to get into it. It can't be compared with places like the Waldorf-Astoria where anybody can go if they have got the money.

Another night I went to a play given by the Supply Corp at the Navy Yard. It was a fair show for amateur talent but it didn't seem very good after having seen so many Broadway shows.

I have dined recently at Sea Fare, Luchows, and Madame Petipas. All of these places are quite expensive and out of the ordinary. Sea Fare is a sea food restaurant, Luchows is a well known German restaurant, and Madame Petipas (most likely Petitpas) is a french restaurant.

As for Ballet, I have seen the Ballet Theatre by Hurok at the Metropolitan Opera House. This time I sat in the Diamond horseshoe. It was quite the stuff.

I saw the opera "Tosca" at the New York City Center. Also the Broadway musical play "Early To Bed" with Muriel Angelus etc.

I went to the Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus at Madison Sq. Garden. This is the best circus I have ever seen.

Last Saturday at one of the N.Y. Navy Yards most colorful launching ceremonies I saw the USS Bon Homme Richard launched. This was quite a sight. It is one of the largest aircraft carriers we have got.

Bob Daniels, Harold Roy, Bob Chisholm at Howdy Club, NY
3 Male GIs @ the Howdy Club
Photo Credit
One night I was quite naughty and went to the Howdy Club in the Village. This is where all the
fairies hang out. Even the waiters are fairies. Of course you know that a fairie is a man with feminine characteristics who sexual desires are directed toward other men. If you are not careful one of the men will try and pick you up. The men wear makeup and the floor show is put on by men who act and do everything like a women would do it. It was quite a disgusting sight but it is part of the things there are to see in N.Y. and now I have seen it, so I am satisfied. Greenwhich is known for the queer people like I have just mentioned.

To The Point...

Right now I am worth more dead than I am alive to you. If I get knocked off by an automobile you get $28,000. If I just lie down and die you only get $20,000 but even that isn't chicken feed. The reason for this is I have just taken out a $10,000 life insurance policy with the government.

I have received the dividend check and my insurance premium notices and Bill Casart's letters. You won't have to bring a formal when you come to New York. You can go to the best places withoug a formal. I suppose you can tell from the things I have been doing and seeing that I am not living within my income; I have to write checks rather often but this will probably be my last chance to do it in N.Y. and I am going to see it all. You know it is easy to pay a $1.00 and a $1.25 for a meal here and walk out of the place hungry. Since I have been in N.Y. I have learned to love bread (Sky's Note: Oprah must be channeling Ensign McEveny here). I eat all of it I can get and without butter to and still I am hungry half of the time.

Try to arrange it so you can get here anytime after May 28. The room will be vacant after the 28th. You had better make reservations ahead of time and let me know as you find out when you expect to get here. I will be needing my white uniforms May 15 but at as long as you are coming around the 28th I can wait and you can bring them with you with your luggage.

I have been working this past week as assistant to Comd'r McManus (this might be the Commander McManus that the letter references), the executive officer. Comd'r Pfrommer and Com'd McKenna want me to come back to Purchasing next week but that will make an extra officer here for a week. I think they want me back so I can take over when Comd'r Pfrommer goes on his six day leave starting the 22nd of May. I will let you know if anything else happens. Not much more to write about.

Love, [handwritten] Jack

[All misspellings were written on primary document, from Ensign J. R. McEveny, SC, USNR (Supply Department Navy Yard, New York) to Mrs. C. K. McEvenny at 3056 South 31 Street, Omaha 5 Nebraska. Postmarked May 8, 1944 11:30am Brooklyn NY]