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5/17/1944 12:30am -- I have just finished

Dear Mother, Dad and Walt:

I have just finished playing softball and it is late but I am getting so far behind on my writing that I just had to stay to write you tonight.

I have seen two more operas, "Traviata" and "Carmen." I can't really say that I like them but at least I am now getting so I don't mind them. I have also seen several shows again and they are numerous enough and unimportant enough not to mention.

The officers here have been organizing a softball team and I am on it. If the exercise won't do me any good it will save me some money at least. We play the various civilian teams  of the Supply department and any Navy teams that want to play us; we have been playing about twice a week. I have played right and left fields-- although I haven't made an error yet I would say my hitting is better than my fielding-- I just haven't had enough chances to miss any in the field. We played tonight and had beer and sandwidches after the game.

"Angel Street" was shown
at the John Golden Theatre
(12/05/1941 - 9/30/1944).
Last Sunday I saw "Angel Street" again. This time Francis Greet, Ray Rebhan's cousin, played the leading feminine roll. She is understudy to the lead and the lead couldn't be there. I had a date with her once before. We wen't backstage afterwards and had a great time.

Last week-end Betty Bosier, who is now stationed in Washington D.C. came to visit N.Y. and I took her to the Ritz Carlton and "Angel Street". I also showed her around the Navy Yard.

The weather has been wonderful in N.Y. It has been typical spring weather all over N.Y. and even though there aren't as many green things as back home the air is the same. I have changed from my blues to my summer uniforms, i.e., khakis and grays. I could wear my whites but I don't have them here.

Which reminds me, I should tell you what clothes to bring when you come to N.Y. Bring all my white uniforms, all my khaki uniforms, all my khaki cap covers etc. In other words bring all of my navy uniforms you have got. And by all means don't forget to bring my alarm clock. Bring some pants hangers and maybe Rogets Theasaurus if you can find it.

As for yourself you bring whatever you think you will need. I would suggest a couple of nice dresses for evenings and a couple of dresses for daytime wear and sightseeing. Just remember that it will probably be pretty hot while you are here, and during the daytime I can't be with you so you will probably be shopping and seeing N.Y. in the daytime by yourself. ... [Note from Sky- Temp for May 22 1944 was max 84]

Try to arrive here Saturday, May 27 because the room will be ready then and that will give an extra Sunday together when I can be with you all day.

Patriotic photomurals designed by Raymond Loewy
adorned the west wall of the Central Waiting Room
in Penn Station, NYC, 1943.
Major Caffery stopped at the apartment to see my last Saturday but I wasn't home. He left a note stating he was attached to the Quartermaster Corp in Philadelphia and that he had seen you in Omaha. Mr. Kemper said he had two girls with him. You know the Quartermaster Corp is to the Army is to the Army what the Supply Corp is to the Navy.

I am still working for Commander Pfrommer in the Purchase Section. He goes on leave May 22 for a week and will take over then. The Ensign that I broke in to take my place is gone now and I am now being replaced by a Lt. Commander, but he hasn't been on the job long and won't be on to the job very well by the time Commander Pfrommer goes on leave. So Commander Pfrommer has told me that he expects me to be able to handle the section.

I am getting very tired and I can't think of much more to write about, but be sure to let me know exactly when you are coming and as soon as you can. I will be looking forward to seeing you.

I had a match king cigarette lighter that I was going to give Dad for his birthday but I forgot to put it in the package. I am also getting him a variety of precious wines that you can take home or that I can bring home when I get my next leave before leaving for Harvard. Thats all so goodbye now,

You loving son, (handwritten) Jack

[Note from Sky- after posting some background research to figure the background of how my Dad got Jack's letters to Jack's mom; a family member solved the mystery. My dad had an uncle Merle who married Ruth and Ruth had a sister, Lois that married Jack.]


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